The alternator type you have selected is the 21/22SI J-180 (4" mount) design

Please review the alternators presented below and then select the proper application for your vehicle's engine.

21SI / 22SI hinge mount alternator


In order to make the exact choice, please be sure to answer the following questions about your application:

  1. Does your alternator have the same dimensions as shown?
  2. What is the voltage of your vehicle system? It has to be either 12 or 24.
  3. What is the amperage output of the alternator being replaced?

Important note : Delco type 21SI and 22SI alternators are exact in almost every way. Each may be used as a substitute application for the other with no loss of performance whatsoever.

Click here for our Bosch 99 type or Motorola 110-555 type that will interchange with the Delco alternators listed below.

IMPORTANT NOTE...Delco type brushless alternators should be considered as upgrades to the standard 22SI type, 110-555 type or Leece-Neville type alternators operating in high dust/dirt construction environments. Because brushless alternators contain fewer moving parts their service life cycle is substantially longer than standard brushed alternators. Click here to review our Delco style brushless alternators. Be sure to carefully review all measurements when upgrading from brushed to brushless type alternators.

Match the details from your alternator with those noted below (such as system voltage, amp output and etc.), determine the correct alternator from our selection and click on the part number for exact unit picture and data.

Alternator Type Vehicle System Voltage Amperage Output Part Number
21SI 12 100 2112100
21SI 12 130 2112130
21SI 12 160 2112160
21SI 24 70 212470
22SI 12 145 2212145
22SI 12 160 2212160

If you care to double check your selection using an OEM number, please enter it. Our program will also allow you to make a search with partial numbers, as long as you enter any four of the numbers or letters in a row.

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